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    Cool Hello from Bobby Cleveland - The Engine Answerman

    I’m Bobby Cleveland from Locust Grove Georgia which is where I grew up and still live two miles from where I was raised. We lived on a dirt road and I had a big yard that took me 45 minutes to an hour to cut. I would always try to cut it faster each time which is the start of my lawn mower racing adventure. I went to high school at Jackson Christian Academy in Jackson Ga. and I got diplomas for machine shop and drafting from Griffin Tech. I worked at Snapper for 27 years where I worked my way up from a test technician in the test shop, to a machinist in the fabrication shop, to a CAD designer, to a Design Engineer. During my time at Snapper, back in the late 70’s, I built a mower that would go 75 mph which we drag raced and would turn a 17.5 second quarter mile. In 1995 I started racing with the United States Lawnmower Racing Association ( and now I’m a 9 time National champion (see career highlights). I have over 80 1st place wins and am still racing.

    I was a consultant to the Jesse James Monster Garage on the Mustang Mower which was the first Monster Garage show that was filmed. I built the first 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steer, with independent suspension, a one of a kind lawnmower.

    I have been a spokesman for Gold Eagle as the Engine Answerman sense 2005 traveling around the country education the public on maintaining and treating all their fuel needs. During this time I set the Land Speed record on a lawnmower at 80.792 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in July of 2006 and went back in 2010 to reset it at 96.529.

    Career Highlights:
    • 1996 1st Place, BP Class, STA-BIL Nationals
    • 1999-97 BP Class, Overall Points Champion
    • 2000 Driver of the Year
    • 2003-01 BP Class, Overall Points Champion
    • 2003 World Record Setter: Monster Mower Jumping
    • 2004 Represented USA in 2004 World Championships, England (came in third)
    • 2005 Announced as the Engine Answerman for Gold Eagle Co. – Engine Answerman tour begins
    • 2006 Set World Speed Record for Lawn Mowers, Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah – July 4, 2006 – 80.792 mph
    • 2010 Reset Land Speed Record at Bonneville Salt Flats -- Sept 25 2010 – 96.592 mph

    I posted a few pictures from my travels on an album here: - I'll post some more a little later.

    I look forward to checking out all your Cool Rides and hope you come out and see us on t he road!!!
    Bruce Kaufman
    PR & Event Marketing Manager, Gold Eagle Co.
    President, U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association

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    Hey BC, great to see you here!
    Can't wait to come stomp around Georgia this month with ya!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rooster View Post
    Hey BC, great to see you here!
    Can't wait to come stomp around Georgia this month with ya!
    He's at Barrett-Jackson right now but GA is on:

    April 16-17, Windy Hill Mower Speedway, McDonough, GA

    Windy Hill Mower Speedway Southern Shoot Out

    Part of the 2011 Engine Answerman Tour!

    You Will Respect My Authoritah!!

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