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    Default Thought I Was Already On Here - 2nd Try

    My Wimbledon White 66 Mustang GT 'Vert won a Monthly last year and I think came in 3rd or 4th in the ISO-Hot Yearly. Now I've submitted my S/C Livernois Stroker Sonic Blue 05 Roush 'Vert to be in this year's monthly. My wife's Hemi Powered 64 Studebaker Wagon is getting the last touches to finish it and I'll try to submit it later this year. In case you missed my 66, it has a Dart Iron-Eagle 363 (siamese bore) built for torque with a built T-3550 to 3.55 Limited Slip Rear. It will pull the wheels up so have to be careful on takeoff (to keep the painted side up). The 05 Roush has a ProCharger-D on a Livernois Stroker 3-valve per cyl. with NEX 175 NOS Kit (doesn't need it) to a McCloud Twin Disc Clutch, TR-6060 Tranny we added and 3.73 Limited Slip, it is set up for cruising but has had excellent results on a road course. Wife's 64 Studebaker Wagonaire (rear of top slides forward to allow truck like cargo) is painted "Mean Green". Stock outside and only the floor shift gives it away on the inside. It has a 05 Dodge Truck 5.7 Hemi w/5-sp Auto, Mustang II Front End (coil-over suspension/power rack & pinion/& 4-wheel power disc brakes). Body limits rear wheels to 225X70X15 so have to accelerate judiciously as it will break loose VERY easily & w/two Magnaflows it has a very cool sound.

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    Howdy I'm new here too.

    Sounds like some really cool rides. Got any pictures? (I bet ya have!)

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