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    Post Ethanol or Bio-Fuel In Your Cool Ride? Have questions?

    I know there's a lot of questions about ethanol blended gasoline and other bio-fuels and you're more likely to find "hear-say" answers than straight ones on the web.

    We're going to be reaching out to chemical engineers, mechanics, fuel and other industry experts to try and answer whatever questions you may have about using these fuel blends in your Cool Rides be they new cars, classic cars, go-karts, racing mowers, pwc, boats, motorcycles, etc... and post the answers on our blog.

    Please reply to this thread with any concerns or questions you would like to have answered or any rumors you've heard that you would like to verify or bust (Yes, I'm a fan of Myth Busters )

    The questions can be about anything ethanol-related (not just additives) and we'll do our best to find the answers.

    Example questions are:
    "How do I inspect a rubber fuel line to check for early signs of deterioration from ethanol?" - "When I rebuild a carburetor, how do I know if the parts I'm adding are resistant to today's gas?" - "What is b20 diesel and is it safe on all diesel engines?" - "What will E15 do to my ____?"

    Anything's fair game.
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    What will ethanol do to the engine in my 1928 Plymouth? Will it have any adverse effect on the vacuum tank (fuel pump)?

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    ethanol (which is an alcohol) attracts water.
    It will cause corrosion inside your fuel tank as well as the fuel lines.
    Manufacturers have solved most of enthanols issues by utilizing stainless steel fuel tanks and fuel lines.
    I found out that using a water dispersant ( heet etc) every other tank gets rid of the water that is accumulated at the bottom of my fuel tank.
    Ethanol also has a nasty trick up its sleeve when it comes to those fancy braided stainless steel hoses.
    the ethanol causes your fuel to leech out of the hose!!!!!
    Fire hazard for sure!
    I replaced all my braided stainless fuel hoses with teflon line hoses to fix the issue.
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    I have been running E-85 in my Racing Mower.
    How can I be sure of the ethanol content?

    If I do discover there is a lower amount of Ethanol, is it possible to "adjust" the amount of ethanol so that I can get a consistent blend?

    What type of fire extinguisher do I need if I were to have a fire with Ethanol?

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