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    Default Summit Points Recap 07/02

    With only two races left to make/set the team roster for the Division 3 ET Finals in Indy, the pressure was on to hold on to the #1 Sportsman spot in the CRO Vega.

    Going into the day, I had a 32 point lead over 2nd place (one round win = 5 points), which to most might look sizable, but not to me. If I went out early, and second place did very well, it would bring the race for 1st place down to the final race, where it would be up for grabs. I didn't want that, so I was hoping to do everything I could to go some rounds today and secure the #1 spot (needed a 29 point lead at the end of the night to lock it up).

    In the NMC Machine, I was solidly in 3rd place going into the day, and with the points the way they were, I would have to do very well to even come close to making up to #2. At the same time, the racers behind me would have to do very well to get close to taking my spot.

    The ET Finals have no bearing on Jesse, as Jr.'s do not compete there. He is racing solely for the Jr. Dragster Minor Points Champion Title awarded at the end of the season. Going into the day, he is the top Minor, and 2nd overall in Jr. points.

    NMC Machine...

    Didn't have much luck in the NMC Machine. 1st round was a great drag race, both even with great RT's on the tree, and all out in both lanes, but I came up .005 short at the finish line for the loss (to the eventual race winner). Points were done, but I bought back. Second round, I go red for the first time this year in S/P competition. I was -.002 red and my top bulbing was done for the day. But, I still had a blast!


    The boy has me so proud that I just about can't stand it. He ran 3 good time shots, all with great RT's. Unfortunately, 1st round, he turns on the red light....his points for the day are done. However, today, they were having a "Second Chance" Jr. race (1st round losers get put into their own race for a separate, smaller trophy). He keeps his head up, and goes out and takes the win on his next pass. In the Finals, he puts 12.18 dial on his car (he dials himself), and is up against his new racing buddy that he met last time out (and lost too in the race finals). They both go green, Jesse gets the win! He was .034 on the tree and ran dead with a 12.184, for an .034 package!

    The Vega...

    While I wasn't able to pick up the Class Win, the little Vega did not disappoint! First round, I was able to pick up the win by a good margin due to mechanical difficulties in the other lane. The car was on track to run it's dial in of 8.02. Second round, I dial an 8.01. I get paired with a stock truck running a 12.49. He goes green......and I sit.....then I sit some more...then I get to go, and I'm green as well. He's a lot greener than me, so at the stripe, I womp it a few times (running an 8.03), and my win light comes on. Third round is as good a drag race as it gets. He's dialed 8.08 and I'm dialed 8.01, pretty close to heads-up race. We were both pretty even on the tree, and at the finish line we are both to the floor. We cross the finish line and I can't tell who won until the light comes on.....and mine does. I knew it was a very close race, but I didn't know that it was going to be a .0001 mov! Whew, wipe the brow, thank the luck gods, and move on to the next round! Down to 4 cars, I dial an 8.00 and my competitor dials a slower 9.65. We launch and are both green (his .044 to my .047), and at the stripe, it's another all out race. And it was just that as we both ran dead on our dials. This time though, I come out on the wrong end of the .005 MOV, and my night was over.

    Now that the night was over, it was time for me to figure out what all had happened with 2nd place. Come to find out, he wasn't even there! He's a Pontiac guy, and went to the All Pontiac Nationals like he does every single year for like 20 years. So I had the points locked up before the race even started, and I didn't know it!..But, I was able to put together a good performance scoring 21 points, extending my lead to 48. With one race left, we are able to secure an updated 2014 version of this.....That's right, the CRO Vega will once again be the Team Bunker Hill Sportsman VP Racing Fuels Race of Champions qualifier at NHRA Division 3 ET Finals
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    even though you didnt win it all sounds like you placed well and had a lot of exciting races and fun Congrats on your performances. Congrats to Jesse on his performance I know he makes you proud.

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    Congratualtions on the sportsman class win Shawn! Take it home in Indy!

    You Will Respect My Authoritah!!

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