Black Exterior
Black Cloth Interior
5 Speed
Power Steering
Power Brakes
Power Mirrors - Work
Cruise Control - Works
A/C - Not Working

Not a perfect car by any means, but this is a 98% unmolested, original car, that has not been beat to death. The exterior (original paint) needs some attention, but the original interior is the kind of clean that you usually only find on the top dollar cars. This car is a driver, and a damn good one. Everything works (besides a/c). I've put 4k problem/issue free miles on it in the two years that I've owned it. I drove it 180 mile just a few days ago, and usually drive it at least two/three times a week. It's just like it left the factory with no hop ups. It can idle all day, and it can run 80mph all day, both smooth and issue free. The car had new timing belt, new clutch/pressure plate/new cv joints installed by the p.o. less than 6k miles ago. The car is not a show car and more than likely never will be. But it's an 86 Turbo Z that you can drive anywhere and even though it needs paint, still look pretty damn good while doing it. I just had the windows tinted last week, and I painted the louvers while they were off for that. Stereo included, but subs/amp are not (Can be for $400 more. They are old school RF Punch HX2 subs and an old school RF Punch Power 1000w -rms- amp. They pound, very hard). All issues known with the car are listed below with pics. The tires are BFG's and have at least 80% tread. Hat to sell it, but I have 2 race cars and my son just started racing his own car this year (jr. dragster), so I just simply don't have the time/space to keep it. This car is going to make someone who is looking to buy/drive/enjoy an 86 Turbo Z, without paying a crazy high price for it, very happy. It has me. $2800 firm.

Starts/Idles/Runs/Pulls/Shifts/Rides/Stops Great

No rust under hatch

No rust under doors

Both dew wipes dry/cracked

Windshield crack

Front fender dent

Someone repainted the pass. door from pinstripe to molding. The paints didn't like each other

Front pass side has been tapped enough to move the support bar back a few inches. Turn signal not damaged and works, just sits back a bit

Drivers floor. Only know rust on car. I have 2 layers of dynomat over it for now and there is no indication inside the car.