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    Default Summit Points Recap 4/26

    This weekend was still not as good as the first weekend, but it was much better than last weekend! lol

    We had the normal Super Pro & Sportsman races, but we also had the Sportsman "Best 8" race this weekend. The Best 8 is a race where the best 8 packages (dial in over + RT) in a class, with the third & final time trail, qualify for a stand alone race for a separate purse. Both cars made it through their first two time shots without incident, and during the qualifying pass for the best 8, the CoolRidesOnline Vega took the #2 Qualifier spot. There was no best 8 for Super Pro this week, but in it's third time shot (dial-for-dollars), the NMC Machine also took the #2 spot, which won me the first round bye (if there is to be one).

    First round comes up in the Sportsman Best 8, and I dial an 8.00. I'm the slower car to my opponents 7.75. We stage, we launch, and it's apparent pretty quick, that this a very good race. We are both just about where we should be in relation to each other all the way down the track. We cross the finish line, I look up and my win light comes on, (by a very tight .016) and I advance to round 2.

    Next up is first round of Super Pro. I had the bye, but just my luck, there is an even car count, and there will be no first round bye. Instead, I get paired with the fasted car on the grounds, a RED (rear engine dragster) that runs 4.6x's. This is also the same racer/car that put me out first round last week! We line up, I launch, I'm green. As I get about 1/3 of the way down the strip, I see my win light come on....he went red! I ran a good pass, and off to second round in Super Pro.

    Next up is Sportsman First round, and with just enough time to park the NMC Machine, grab my helmet & jacket, I jump in the CRO Vega and head to the lanes. I dial a 7.99. We stage, launch, and by the middle of the strip, I could tell that I had the RT advantage. As we approach the finish line, I'm well ahead, and I give the "womp-womp" (to cut off just a little ET and help insure against a break out run). My win light comes on, and I advance to round 2.

    At this point, I'm already running around chasing my tail just to keep up, and the day has barely started! With that though, I do take a minute to be glad to make it through all three first rounds unscathed and scoring points.

    Sportsman Best 8 Round 2 is up next. The air feels to have cooled off a bit, and the car had a little more time to cool off, so I decided to dial down .03 from it's last pass to 7.98, and head to the staging lanes. I get there towards the tail end, and get to see a few races before I get paired. Everyone is breaking out! Armed with that info, I decide to be extra safe and dial down another .02 to a 7.96. I get paired, we stage, we launch, both green. He was dialed in at 8.11, so again, this race should be easy to see where it's at, all the way down the strip. And it was easy to tell....that it was another tight race!! I'm juuuuust a but further ahead than I need to be, so I give it a womp, to be safe (I mean c'mon, I dialed down a half a tenth of a second, no way I'd break out...right?) We both cross the finish line, and his win light comes on. Sure enough, I take the loss by running a too quick (by .004) 7.956 on the 7.96 dial. My Best 8 run stops in the top 4.

    Next is Super Pro round 2. Since I had to race first round when I could've had the bye, and won, the bye carried over to round 2 (and it will continue to carry over until a ladder is generated, then it's just lost). This time, I got to use it! So I make my pass, take the "Easy Button" win, and am headed to 3rd round.

    Sportsman round 2. After having very, very, decent bottom bulbing RT's in the Vega all day/night (.01-.03 range) I decided for make a sandwich at the starting line I guess and cut a horrible .109 light. The racer in the other lane, however, was not hungry while launching, and cut a very good RT. Needless to say I couldn't get there at the big end and my night in CRO Vega was done.

    Super Pro round 3. I get paired with a fast little altered the runs 5.80's. I launch (a nice .005 launch), and not a second later my win light comes on. Another red light win! Off to the next round

    Super Pro Round 4. I get my but handed to me by a .005 dead on run for a .009 package. My RT was good, but it was bigger than .009, so I was dead meat at the starting line. Time to head back and start loading things up for next week.

    All in all, not too bad a night. A 5-3 round record, points gained in both cars, brought some money home, and nothing broke.

    As of now, the CoolRides online Vega is tied for 2nd place in points (tied with last seasons points champ), and the NMC Machine is sitting in 4th place in Super Pro points.

    Next week, my boy starts his NHRA racing career. It should be enough to keep me busy, with running both cars in their regular classes, a Super Pro Best 8, AND adding his Jr. to the mix. I have a feeling that I'll be one tired guy by the end of the night, lol.
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    Good Luck to yu and your son, hope you both win............

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    Keep rackin up the rounds and the RUBBER side down.
    Always keep em smokin,,,,then let er drift!

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