Im new here and so far its been slow going! Navigating the computer is not an easy thing for me! Ill be 74 on October 4th and building hot rods is easier! Have been in hot rods drag bikes and drag racing in general since 1961! I live in Michigan after transplanting from S.Fla! Yeah I know WTH! Been here since 1998! Live in a very small farming community and its pretty quiet here! Live in a 168 year old farm house that we have been working on for sometime! With 17 rooms its been slow going! I have raised 3 daughters with a 14 year old piano prodigy we adopted from China when she was 14 months old! My oldest daughter was murdered by a drunk driver in 1993 and my second oldest lives here in town with 3 children! I enjoy quiet time in my shop putzing on my hot rod a 1941 Pro Touring Chevrolet powered pick up! Retired OTR trucker and spend a lot of time with my best friend at his commercial paint shop and help him build race cars! We are finishing a FED nostalgia car! Just a bracket car,nothing outrageous! He builds cages and chassis for race cars when he has time out from his painting business! West Michigan Painting in Allegan Michigan! Cowboy Don Stoughton is his name! Much more but Ill leave it there! As soon as I figure how this works Ill get on and chat with people who love this game as much as I have for all these years!