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    Default How to remove pilot bearing easily....

    Ok I needed to get the pilot bearing out of my old crankshaft, so I started looking around on the web for ideas, ran across someone that suggested using bread.....yes bread , well unlike the chick in the commercial on T.V., I don't believe everything I read on the internet, just because it's on the net does NOT make it true!
    Well I thought what the heck, I'll try it, ok so I got the bread off the counter (wife is gone so that was easy) took it out side and started tearing off little pieces of it and stuffing it into the void behind the pilot bearing, then once it got "full" I took a hammer and the end of an old ratchet (because it fit the hole in the bearing tightly) and started packing it, a little more bread, some more tapping with the hammer and my ratchet handle plunger, I kept doing the bread and the packing until WOW it's working! after about one and a half slices of bread and quite a bit of tapping the plunger, that pilot bearing popped right out, no damage to it at all, only mess to clean up was an end of the crankshaft filled with bread, worked like a charm and only took about 10 minutes.
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    I've always used grease. Fill er up, then tap your alignment tool in there. Pops right out usually on the 1st time and its on the end of your alignment tool and not rolling to the far side of the garage under the other car!
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