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Thread: drop spindles

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    Default drop spindles

    Hi guys--haven't posted in quite awhile--no excuse just lazy I guess...Have a quick question. Wife's coupe(76 Nova front steer clip) needs some spindles. haven't found ang good used ones locally--friend of a friend has a set of new McGaughy 2 inch drop spindles I can get ---question is will they work. I have 15x6 wheels with 4 inch backspacing and 205-70 tires. The only thing that I can see having a problem is the backing plate hitting the lower control arm. I talked to the tech guru at Mc Gaughy's and he said that with the 6 inch wheel and 4 inch backspacing it is going to hit the caliper. Maybe I am getting old and do not comprehend any more but I don't understand(maybe stubborn also) why it would hit the caliper. It doesn't hit now and I cannot figure out why it would with that setup. Enlighten me if possible---will this setup work or not. He says I would have to use a wheel spacer for it to work--don't have one now. thanks for help in advance

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    Seems like you would hit an A arm before the caliper? A spacer would only put the wheel far out reducing backspace. Call jegs hotline help.
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