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    Default Summit Points Recap 5/11

    This weekend started like usual. On Friday night, I pulled the NMC Machine to the strip and dropped it off. Saturday morning, the sitter shows up at 11:30 and I plan on heading out in the CoolRidesOnline Vega at noon. As I pull the Vega out to let it warm up, I decide to check the track's FB page one last time. There was a 60% chance of rain later in the day, it was very cloudy, and I wanted to see if they had any updates on the day's scheduling. Sure enough, at noon they called the race for the day. No points racing this weekend. DANG MOTHER NATURE!!

    Oh well, it is what it is. I pull the Vega back into the garage and head in to tell the sitter that the race had been called, and that I was just going to go ahead and take the truck, pick up the trailer, and would be home within an hour or so. I get to the track, get the trailer all hooked up, then before pulling out, I stop in to talk to my buddy who was there for Friday's Test & Tune, and was getting ready to head back to home himself. We sit in his RV and bench race for about an hour before I leave for the house. As I'm halfway home, my phone rings. It's my buddy saying "Hey, just got a call and Muncie is racing tonight, let's go! But we have to go NOW". I pull over for a second, think about it for a quick minute, then do a big U-turn! I call the sitter and tell her about the change of plans as I start the 2 hour trek to the south east.

    By this time, it's about 1:30. We have a 2 hour drive, and racing is supposed to start at 3:30. Going to be tight! As we're following each other, I realize that my helmet is in the Vega, at the house! I make a few calls and it's a non issue, a buddy already at Muncie has an extra that I could use. Sweet! We get there and the place is packed. We get all set up just in time for the first of two time shots. The NMC Machine runs a 6.65 followed my a 6.67.

    After time shots, everyone's watching their phone radars as the sky starts looking very dark. The rain came, bet we managed to dodge most all of it, and after a couple hour delay, it was time for first round. Here's where it got tricky...

    Before the rain (during time shots), the temp was in the 60's, after the rain (just in time for first round) it had fallen to the 40's, and our time shots now meant nothing! It was a pure guess as to what the cars would be running now. We all knew they would pick up and be faster, but how much faster?

    After watching the first class of cars (Pro) have their 1st round, they were breaking out (going too fast) all over the place! Now, I have never dialed up or down more than .02 in between rounds, BUT this time I dialed down .07, to a 6.60 for first round, and I get paired up with a bad boy 4.99 dragster (fast!). I hit the tree and off I go...Approaching the finish line, I look over and he's not there! I think "Oh crap, I didn't dial down enough and I'm going to break out", so I hit the brakes, but his win light comes on anyway. I had him on the tree, but even by hitting the brakes, I run a too fast 6.58 to his 5.04. Judging by past time slips, I was on a solid 6.56 run. I picked up over a tenth! So, to the buy-back counter I go, and get ready for 2nd round. I dialed a 6.56 this time, and the car a ran .02 slow with another 6.58 (all out), but my RT advantage carried me to the round win. Third round comes, I dial 6.58 and my RT is good, but the car slowed another .02 to a 6.60. Not good enough, and my day is over. By this time, it was 12:30am and the place was clearing out fast due to being COLD!

    Still, I was glad that the 4 hour round trip paid off and I was able to race instead of sitting at home on a Saturday! The only thing that I wish would've been different, was that I wanted to take the Vega next to Muncie. But due to the circumstances, time just didn't allow it. Next time, it will be the Vega!

    Before 3rd round, out in the back 40, on a cold Saturday night at Muncie Dragway with fellow CRO member Moparmxz. Good times.

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