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    Default Facebook wars --- Royal Purple vs Amsoil

    I thought this was interesting. Looks like Royal Purple and Amsoil are at each other's throats on the social media front

    Royal Purple makes some pretty interesting and aggressive counter claims but it's difficult to know who's word to take when both are accusing each other of the same thing. Just sit back with some popcorn and let the punches fly

    Royal Purple Inc. · 312,980 like this
    27 minutes ago ·
    A repost from earlier regarding a facebooker who was bashing on Royal Purple and stating Amsoil was better. We wanted you to still have access to the information.

    Let’s start with any synthetic motor oil that you choose will benefit you vehicle better than conventional motor oil whether you choose Royal Purple, Mobil 1, or Amsoil, but Royal Purple can offer you something a little more.

    Amsoil doesn’t have any 3rd party independent studies done that show their product out performs ours and the ones they do claim are conducted by dealers or their own labs. Amsoil’s test are conducted under their supervision with their people running the test, but the lab sounds like an independent lab in the way it is presented. A key example of this is the 4 ball wear test.

    The ASTM D4172 Test (4 ball wear test) is NOT an accepted engine oil test nor indicative of actual field wear performance for engine oils. Per the ASTM 'Significance of Use description", the ASTM declares that there is no correlation between oils of different formulas or to actual field wear data. This test was designed to quickly compare 'batch to batch' quality of the exact same formula of oil during production.

    Amsoil also has a bad habit of claiming ASTM, API acceptance and/or test protocol and then modifying the test in-house. The ASTM D4172 should run at 1200 rpm and 75 C. Amsoil ran it at 1800 rpm and 150 C. At that point, it becomes an 'Amsoil' in-house test, not an ASTM repeatable test. Why did they modify the test? To make their oils 'look' better? Amsoil has taken this test and made it a big selling point and consumers have no idea what the test was intended for. Amsoil also has a bad habit of claiming ASTM or API acceptance or test protocol and then modifying the test in-house. They also do not run the ASTM Timken OK Load test - the RP oils would score first in this test having 300-400% better performance than the others.

    Amsoil's typical miss-interpretation of results can even be found in their own reports. They test regarding film strength si not about film strength but is about wear.

    They have even shown where Royal Purple has the highest rating for wear protection in the FZG test and highest rating for oxidation protection, but yet they score Royal Purple the worst in a 'wear test'. Why, How? Amsoil will not report on Royal Purple’s Oxidation resistance in a TFOUT test. WHY, because Royal Purple will actual tests out to 1300 minutes and is 2 ½ times better than theirs! They arbitrarily stopped the test at 500 minutes. We also had some of the best results in the cleanliness results for keeping your engine free of deposits and corrosion and zero foaming yet they claim we failed a rust protection test? Confusing - hard to judge as they do not share the actual coupon of the metal - just report a failure and they also will not state how many coupons they ran with each oil - or did they run the test until they got a 'failing' one and reported it?

    Why does Amsoil have it out for Royal Purple? How Could someone mess up these results? EASY, at the end of all of the studies you will usually one or both of the following names

    Dave Leitten- AMSOIL Laboratory Director and Kevin Dinwiddie - AMSOIL Drivetrain Specialist

    They work for Amsoil and every test run and distributed that Amsoil was ranked number 1 is done internally. It does appear there was no favoritism to their company? Not really

    Just thought we would clear some of the air.

    We still refer back that Amsoil makes a great product, but Royal Purple can and does things better and different than they do.

    Have a nice day.
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    I don't know, RP is good stuff but I use Ams Oil know...

    I use to use Kendell but they sold out to an overseas company and wasn't as good so I changed to AMS...

    I liked Kendell because they had a oil test program, I would take a sample at every oil change and send it in, they would send me back a report as to what was happening with the oil and what was in it...

    With all the vehicles I had at work it was good to know what was going on, plus I was able to send in my own vehicle's oil to be tested free also, so that was a plus...
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