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    Post What does your car say about you?

    What does your car say about you?

    By Rob James

    Posted on November 2, 2012 by Guest Blogger
    Your car can say a lot about your personality. While there are a lot of variations, your car can give an indication as to what kind of personality type you might fall into. These types might range from people who are extroverted to those that are sophisticated and desiring of quality, as well as those that want to project an image of being urbane, creative and fun. Moreover, some people’s car choices demonstrate a general level of loyalty if they stay with the same brand over time, while someone’s commitment to the environment and safety can be embodied in their cars. Looking at some general personality types, what kind of cars suit each?

    Extroverted people tend to go for large statements and impulsive purchases that best show a free personality. Of course, it helps if that extroverted personality can be backed up with plenty of cash. In this way, some of the more extroverted cars that can be bought include Ferraris, convertibles, coupes, and customised cars.

    Those that want to be seen as sophisticated tend to not mind paying for quality, even at a great expense. You might be the sort of person that appreciates spending money on high value items, and finding a vehicle whose power and handling matches up to your high standards. You may also want to project an image of power and commitment to driving. Typical cars for sophisticated drivers include Bentleys, BMWs, and Lexus vehicles, as well as Rolls-Royces and more specific super car models like the BMW M Series.

    Urban and Fun
    This personality type is quite hard to pin down, as an urban driver can cross over with sophisticated drivers. The main element, however, that tends to divide people is whether they want to be associated with powerful, road dominating cars, or smaller, more fun and eco conscious vehicles. To this end, the Mini Cooper arguably remains the epitome of the youthful and urban car. Similar models include the Toyota Camry, the Toyota GT76, and the Hyundai Elantra Sedan.

    People that have a strong sense of loyalty in life, either to work or family, tend to show the same loyalty when it comes to their car purchases. In this way, someone might never switch to another brand once they’ve bought their first BMW or Porsche. In terms of some of the most loyal brands for repeat purchases, Kias tend to perform well, as does the Toyota Prius.

    Sensitive About the Environment
    Again, it can be easy to make some generalisations about how people choose the cars that best define them. However, people that are sensitive about the environment do tend to go for hybrid cars that offer lower to zero CO2 emissions. These cars are most typically represented by the Toyota Prius, the Nissan LEAF, and safety focused cars like the Honda Fit Sport. However, more and more manufacturers are investing considerable time and money in hybrid vehicles that are making eco sensitivity a standard fact of car buying, from BMW and Mercedes to Lexus vehicles.

    Rob James is a mechanic and kit car enthusiast. His first car project was a used Mini he bought at an auction and renovated back in 1999. Rob likes to blog about kit cars, general maintenance, and BMW enthusiast rallies.

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    Well the closest I come in that yuppie list would be Loyalty...

    I'll keep my Buick, JEEP & Dodge PU !!!

    Oh Ya, and my Country Music, Cowboy Hat and Cowboy Boots !!!
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    This article should also address car owners' personality traits and should break down and categorize the cars according to being stock or modified. In the collector car genre I prefer stock- other than collector cars is another story. The vintage car is what it is, and maintaining its original design and character is what makes a vintage car special. And by keeping it original, it speaks for itself. Now, if I wanted the car to speak for me, then I suppose I would modify it based on my likes.
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