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    Default Summit Points Recap 9/29

    This week had me wondering if the Vega was going to run in the 7's still, or if it was going to re-find itself and settle back into the 8.0's. After the first pass in the Camaro, which was a 6.605 (almost a tenth slower than last weeks first pass of 6.51), my hopes weren't high. But after last weeks good run of RT's and relatively consistent passes, I was optimistic about the day. First time shot, I put a simple 8.0 on the board as I really didn't know what to expect. I hit the tree with a nice .014 light and make an 8.038 pass. About right, but there seems to be a pattern this year of the Vega's first pass being slower than the rest, so I really just had to wait & see what happens the 2nd time down the strip.

    The Camaro goes up and runs another 6.607. The time slip basically a zerox copy of the previous run, and so far, I 'm a happy guy. The Vega I feel is going to pick up so I throw an 8.00 on the dial board and head to the lanes. I have a decent light of .046 and the car did just what I was hoping, only a little better running a 7.998. Back to back weeks of running in the 7.'s.

    Third time trial and dial for dollars, I decide to listen to the Camaro and put what it's ran twice, a 6.60. Just my luck, after cutting a good .011 RT, the car decides to slow down just a little and runs a 6.615. Again, not bad, but no good for for dfd's finish. The Vega gets a 7.99 dial, but as I'm in the lanes, I decide to dial down a number so that I don't chance dq'ing myself, so a 7.98 it is. Well, the car runs another 7.996, but it's still close enough, even after the change, to pull out a dfd's win. I choose the $20 purse and get ready for first round of eliminations.

    First round comes and I'm ready for it. I decided to stick with the 6.60 dial in the Camaro and hope she cooperates. I'm able to cut a nice .010 light to the other guys .026. I keep it floored and the car runs dead on .607 for a .017 package. Since the other guy had already used up .026 on his RT alone, he was mathematically ineligible as soon as he left the starting line. I love it when that happens. In the vega, I stick with the 7.99 . I have a .039 RT and was on a 7.99 pass, but he really messed up on the tree with a .180 rt, and since he wasn't there on the big end, I lifted and cruised to an 8.06 victory. It's alway nice when you get pass the buy-back round, and score points in both cars on the same night.

    Second round, the Camaro just won't quit. I drop the dial to a 6.59, but after cutting a .002 to his .041 light, I'm able to scrub 4mph and run a 6.615 to his dead on 6.821 for the win. At this point, I'm feeling great about what the night has in store for both cars. I stick with what's working and leave the 7.99 dial on the Vega. I get paired with 7.53 car, who is a part time racer, and I maintain my stranglehold on the tree by cutting a a sweet .010 light. On the big end it looks extremely close and both of us keep the throttle to the floor as we pass the stripe. The reason it looked so close was because it was. Even though I was very good on the tree, he slayed it with a .003. I picked up .01 and broke out by running a 7.98. He broke out too, but only by .001. It was another great race, but I got the short end and the Vega's night was over.

    I get to 3rd round in the Camaro and dial a 6.58. I was again good on the tree with a high teen light, but it was my turn to get a .002 strapped against me (by the eventual race winner) and I just couldn't over come it. I got to the stripe alright, but the only reason it looked like a close race was that the Camaro decided to pick up .02 and run a too fast 6.56. My night was over, but it was good night.
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    Seems like you had a busy day..

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1 Alibi View Post
    Seems like you had a busy day..
    I agree, running two cars makes for a very busy day...

    A very fun day though.
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