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    Default Summit Points Recap 9/23

    Today was the day that I've been waiting for three years for.

    Being fresh from Indy and ready to get back on the track, I headed to The Hill. It was early Sunday morning (since the call was made to use a rain date of Sunday earlier in the week due forecasted rain on Saturday) and I had all but given up hopes on a 7 second pass this year, thinking that if it didn't happen at Indy (where the track is flat vs. BH's running slightly up hill), that it wasn't going to happen. The air was cool & crisp as I headed up in the Camaro first for first round of time trials. I can usually use the Camaro's run to base what I think the Vega will do. I take my best guess and put a 6.53 on the dial board. She went a little better at 6.518 which isn't too far if's fastest run of 6.49. Hmm, interesting. Get back and get the Vega ready for it's turn. Knowing the Camaro ran a pretty fast pass, I grab the board and dial up a 8.00. Head up and run a 8.005. Well well well....looks like I might hit 7.99 today after all.

    The next time shot in the Camaro, I dial a 6.52 as the air feels a little warmer and heavier as the morning passes. It runs a 6.541. Ok, different lane, but that tells me the Vega should be slowing down as well. I put a 8.03 on her and head to the lanes. I cut a nice .013 light, and ran a...................7.965

    I'm way happy that I made the pass, but after the a minute, I realized that dial for dollars was coming up next and now that both cars reacted totally opposite, I was searching past time slips to see what to do next. Then it hit me that this only the second time of running early in the day that I've done this year. I have no choice but to watch what others do and wing it. In the Camaro, I chance that the far lane was just slower, and choose to hit the quicker tower lane with a 6.52 dial. I split the difference and run a 6.532, close, but not good enough for a dfd's finish. That leaves me with the Vega in dfd's. I'm stoked and decide to put the 6.96 on it that it just ran. I mean, I have no fear of breaking out that way and I was optimistic that it would at least pull 7.98. I take the tree with a smokin' .004 light, keep it to the floor, slam home the shift points, and run a dang 7.958!! Dial by far it's fastest pass ever made, and still break out by .008. It was a sweet run, but too fast for dfd's finish.

    First round comes and in the Camaro I dial a 6.54. Its mid/late afternoon now and the air seems to be the heaviest of the day so far. I figured a one number drop and hopefully lane choice was the right move. I cut a decent (loosely used) light and ran a 6.553, but he spanked me with .007 r/t, and dead on 5.755 run. 12 thousnadths package was sending me to the buy-back line. In the Vega, I decide to chance it since she seemed to want to go fast all day regardless of the air, and stick with the 7.96. I was relying on killing the tree and being able to lift if needed to avoid another oh-so-close breakout. I get paired with a guy that dialed a 7.50 and has beet me so many times I've lost count. I think I raced for two years before I finally sqeaked out a victory against him. Since then, they have been very far and few between. I block it out and focus on my job at hand. I cut a nice .013 rt to his .026. At the mph box, he's not there and I start to lift, then I remember why I've lost to him so many times (he comes on very strong at the big end, faster than most 7.50 cars), and i think better of it and keep it floored. He runs a dead on 7.503, but I too, ran a dead on 7.968, giving me the win by a MOV 0v. 008. The Vega's first 7 second competition pass was in the books and it was a killer run for a tight victory, against a very tough racer. Good times.

    Second round comes and I buy back in the Camaro, but no luck. pretty much a repeat of first round, ending my day. In the Vega, I decide to to drop one number (which was really only .002 from the last pass) and put a 7.97 on the board. My opponent was dialed in at 8.34. We take the tree and I can tell I didn't kill like most of the other today, but, somehow I catch him pretty easily by 3/4 track. The Vega launched nice and felt great so I figured that either he slept on the tree, or his car was just off. Either way, I lifted just a little off the gas pedal at the mph cone to close the race up a little and insure against a break out. I got back in it and continued pulling ahead. I wasn't trying to fender race the guy like I was holding numbers, so I rode it on out, then since he still wasn't there, I let off some more as I crossed the line in front. I look up knowing my win light is coming on and that I did everything right.....unless of coarse it's a break out run, but no way on the amount I scrubbed, right?......Wrong...His light came on. I scrubbed 3 mph and still ran 7.962. Judging by the time slip #'s, I was on a low 7.93 pass. I would have never thought. But, my day was over. It was still a fun ride home with the 7.96 on the dial board.
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    Those were some great runs...
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