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    Default Summit Points weekend recap 8/18

    This week, all things considered, was a good week.

    There is only two weeks left to earn Team points and in Sportsman, I'm locked in at #5 and no matter how good or bad I do, it's not going to change. In Super Pro, I'm in tenth, but the field is tight enough that I can climb if I can string some round wins together.

    The temps. were cool and the air was just about the best it's been since early spring. First pass in the Vega nets a 8.14. Kind of slow for the day, I thought, but by the second time shot, she came around and put down a 8.05. Come Dial for Dollar, I was left wondering what what to do. Which pass was the "throw away" and which one was what it was going to do? I chose the fast pass and put a 8.05 on the window. Wouldn't you know it, it runs a 8.049 taking me out of DfD contention. First round comes and the left lane strikes again. After three very good lights in practice, I get stuck in the left lane and get a losing time slip with a RT of .130. That kind of light is not just a late light, it's a "oh crap I missed it and might as well go now" kind of light, which did not happen. It felt just like the other lights of the day. I buy back, get the right lane, and with a nice RT and, take the 2nd round win. 3rd round I get paired with a guy that I've gone red against everytime I've raced him this year. Not today. I get the right lane and we both have matching RT's (.025/.024), but I take too much stripe (just barely) and my day is done.

    In the Camaro, the day starts out as usual with first and second pass of 6.565 and 6.548. I put a 6.54 on it for DfD, but it slowed one number and ran a 6.558, too far off to be a contender. Come 1st round, I get the win. 2nd round, get the win. 3rd round, another win. 4th & 5th round, both wins as well. Next thing I know, it's 6th round and I get the bye run to the finals. I didn't have lane choice, but was lucky in that the other guy wanted the left lane. He was a slower car and I was able to chase (get to see the entire race unfold in front of me), and I was feeling good about my chances. The green light falls and we both mow the tree, his .005 to my .006 and were off! The Camaro had been slowly getting faster (yeah, that's what I said, lol) since round 2, and in fact, from round 3 on, every pass was the fastest pass it's ever made and the fastest passes I've ever made. I had it dialed to a 6.50 (ran a 6.495 during the bye run in the left lane) and at the finish line he wasn't there, so I lifted (scrubbed 4 mph). I was sure that since I was able to lift, there was no chance of breakng out, and that the race was mine! I was wrong. He ran .02 slow (not bagging), and I was on a 6.48 pass (maybe even a very 6.47). I missed my lift by .006 and ended up running a too quick 6.494 to end up with the runner up for the night. Even though I missed Victory lane for the second time this year, this time, I was able to do it for points (no buy back). I was the biggest points earner for the day in S/P and was able to make the jump from 10th to 6th in Team Points. I was aslo surprised to find that even though I'm still 6th, I'm the #2 door car (4 of the top 6 are Dragsters).

    Here's my RT's in S/P for the day. Still room for improvement, but there were no reds, and I was only bettered once.

    .026 (bye)

    This weeks goal is to get both cars in Victory lane!!!!!
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    "Wouldn't you know it, it runs a 8.049 taking me out of DfD contention"

    Well that stinks, but overall sounds like a pretty darn good weekend! Nice write up and best of luck on the next outing!
    I may not do it all right, but I'll do it myself the best I can - THATS HOT RODDING!

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