I'm a HUGE boxing fan and while reading the news saw this article. That is amazing that this man is coming out of retirement (after a good acreer) for the purpose of raising money for kids. If it's true that he's donating his entire fight-purse to charity, wow! Getting punched in the face simply for the sake of others. I applaud this man!

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Ndou targets Ricky Hatton

By Ray Wheatley World of Boxing
Former two-time world champion Lovemore Ndou is focused on a bout with former world champion Ricky Hatton, who is rumored to be making a comeback. Australian-based South African Ndou says hes confident of defeating Hatton and will fight him for free!

As I have said in the past that I would happily fight Ricky Hatton for free I still stand by that, said Ndou. My entire purse from the fight would go towards orphans of the HIV AIDS epidemic in South Africa. After a 14 month layoff I have recently returned to boxing for a good cause: to raise money for the children of the world. My first comeback fight was on the 10th of August where I beat Gairy St. Clair and won the WBF world Welterweight title and the IBF Pan Pacific title. I gave my entire purse from that fight to the Dulwich Hill Youth Centre. I will be fighting again on the 7th of September in Melbourne in a non-title fight against Rivan Cessaire. My entire purse will again go towards the Youth Centre. I intend to travel around the world and fight but donate my entire purses towards charities involving children. I know what its like to have nothing. And I know what having nothing can lead to. CRIME, CRIME and CRIME. I know I cant save the world but I can help a few kids out there. For me to be where I am today I have had other people help me along the way. And I would like to do the same and help others.