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    Default Summit points weekend recap

    Had a big weekend of two days of racing planned. On Saturday, at the Hill, we got one round of time shots in before the rain let loose, canceled. It rained the rest of the night, but was clear by Sunday morning. I went and picked up the trailer, then headed to Indy for their Sunday race. As soon as I pulled up to the gate, the RV's and trailers were headed back out. I get flagged down by a guy who said that they just "called the race" and to turn around. I asked "It's sunny, why was it called"? His response was that "the track is expecting another round of rain". All three local news channels called for sunny skies with no rain the night before. I just shook my head, turned around, and headed back home. On the way back home (in beautiful sunny weather), I remembered that Bunker Hill was having some sort of pre '65 car show on Sunday. Well, I drove by the track, there was a great showing, so I asked if they were strict on the pre '65 and told them about the Vega. They said to bring it on over. So, I continued home, dropped off the truck & trailer, hopped in the Vega, and headed back the Hill. Once I got there, I found out that it was also an open track day for the show cars. Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out my next move. The track was not prepped, and was less than ideal, but with a 12 second car, it was good enough to get some good hits at the tree and some solid time runs. To recap, I drove to two different tracks, on two different days, looking for some seat time, only to be denied. But, ended up going to a car show, and was able to get some passes in. Who would've thought?

    Tomorrows forecast is 78 and mostly sunny. I'm hoping to show up and there actually be race getting ready to go down.
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