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    Default Summit Points weekend recap 7/28

    This weekend started a little different than usual. As I arrived at the track, I shut the Vega down just long enough to get out, move the chairs I had reserving my parking spot, and then got back in to fire it up. Well, it simply wouldn't start, just cranked! I thought I might have hit the gas pedal funny or something and that I might have flooded it. I let it sit for abut 30 minutes, then tried again, still nothing. Uhgg, time to start the trouble shooting....

    I pulled the air cleaner to check that fuel was being delivered, it was, fuel not the problem. Next, I went to the trailer and retrieved an extra spark plug, pulled a wire, and put the extra plug in the wire. I had a fellow racer crank the key as I held the plug up to the head, no spark. Now it was time for the real trouble-shooting to begin. I started by removing the distributer cap/rotor and found normal wear, but nothing that looked too suspect, back together it went. Next, I unhooked the Blaster 2 coil and wired in an extra that a fellow racer had on hand. Still no spark. That's not good since the last part of the ignition system was the MSD 6AL box, out comes the test light. Sure enough, power going in, nothing coming out.
    I thought my goose was cooked before the day even started, but another racer had an extra box and was willing to loan it out for the day. So, I unhook my box, wire in the loaner, and sure enough, SPARK!! I spent the next hour mounting the loaner box and cleaning the wiring back up, and after a total of three hours, the Vega was ready for duty.

    First time shot comes, and the car just doesn't feel right. It feels "rough" and runs an 8.68 (should have been running in the teens given the daily weather). I'm wondering what the deal is all the way back to the pits. Once I get there, I pull the hood and start by checking that all the plug wires were put back on correctly. 2,4,6,8, all good to go. 1,3,5,......what was that? The #5 wire falls right out of it's boot at the motor with barely a touch, plug wire shot. I put a spare wire on it that I had in the trailer and head back out for time session #2. The car feels much better, and runs an 8.03! That's a whole tenth quicker than what the car usually runs when the temp is in the upper eighties. Up next is time session #3 and Dial for Dollars. I put an 8.03 on the window in hopes it would back the previous time, but really wasn't sure what to expect, Sure enough, it runs an 8.046 on the 8.03 dial for the Dial For Dollars win (there was another sportsman racer that ran dead on his dial, but there was some sort of issue with his buy in).

    First round comes and I'm feeling good. Can anyone guess what happened next? That's right, .007 red and the car ran dead on it's 8.04 dial. I shake my head all the way back to the buy-back line. Second round comes and we both cut the same .03 light. I dialed the Vega down a number (to an 8.05) since it felt like the humidity was on the rise, but it must not have cared about the heavy air and ran a breakout 8.02. I'm starting to feel like my last name is Castanza. Like every decision I make is the wrong one and that maybe I should start doing the exact opposite of what I think I should do (Sienfeld referrence). LOL, not really, but the thought does make me laugh. What I will be doing, though, is heading to the track tonight for about 30 shots at the tree!! I'm not sure my pride can handle any more .00 red first round starts this season . I'm also curious to see if the new 6AL box, coil (found mine was leaking a little), dist. cap, rotor, plugs, and wires keeps me in the low 8.0 range, or if I go right back to being in the 8.teens, or?? Just a few more hours of waiting....

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