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    Default Summit Points Weekend Recap

    This weekend started out great! Including the three practice rounds, the Vega ran an 8.106,8.125,8.126,8.12,8.125. Here's where the racing & number games come into play. The first timeshot was a solid 8.10. The second was an 8.12. Well, for Dial For Dollars, I chose the 8.10 as my dial. I thought it would be very close and chose the fast time so I wouldn't break out and DQ myself. Well, the car liked the 8.12 and ran it again. Unfortunatley, .02 off was no good and DFD was a wash. Not all was lost though, as I was cutting decent lights and felt that with the car repeating times, my chances were good heading into first round of competition.Then comes first round. After looking at the back-to-back 8.12 time slips, I find that they are exact to within .001 so I have no choice, or reason, to put anything other than 8.12 on the car. I get paired, we line up, stage, and then bam, .001 red. Since it was first round, my point chase was done for the day, but I held it to the floor to get a complete time slip so I can plan for the buyback and round 2. The Vega ran the number, 8.125, on the 8.12 dial. So, while my demeaner stayed on the up, inside I was since this seems to be a sudden, first round, re-occurring nightmare. How I can be clear of reds all day, then be just this side of right come first round, still escapes me to this point. Well, come second round, I stick with the 8.12 dial. I get paired, we stage, the green light comes on on both sides of the tree (.031 to his .038), and we're off. Coming up to the finish line, we both feel we might be going too fast, and we both hit the brakes to cut the other guy loose and hope he's on a breakout run. Well, I hit mine by .002 too much and give him the stripe. I end up running an 8.15 on my 8.12, and he (respectfully) runs a 7.53 on his 7.50 dial. This weekend reminded me of a race earlier this year. In both races, my combined losses for the day totalled a staggering .003 thousandths of a second. Sure leaves me hungry, wanting, and waiting, is it Saturday yet?

    On the bright side, I was able to snap a cool pic of this Nostalgia Super Stocker-

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    Great wright up, oh so close!

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