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    Default Summit Points season update

    It's been a tough season so far with lots of great competition. The CoolRidesOnline Vega has performed excellent, the driver, on the other hand, has been fighting issues with both the starting line and the finish line. It took the first part of the season to find a decent light, then the second part (of the first half of season), I've spent trying to correctly judge the stripe (finish line). Two weeks ago, something clicked and I found a good handle on the tree and have been able to cut very decent lights, but as racing goes, either the other guy cuts a better one, or I mis-drive the stripe and give it back. Last week, I had .00 reation times in both practice sessions, then I won first round with .004 light. Then second round, I had a decent light of .024 (to his .015). Towards the finish line, I was quite a bit ahead and in charge as he ran slow, BUT, I liflted a bit (to ensure I wasn't on a break out run), and gave it back to him by .008. Errors like that are very hard to live with for the next week. I know I've only been doing this for 3 years, and most of these other guys are seasoned racers, but I refuse to accept anything as an "excuse". I know I'm better than that, I've proven it to myself many times over, just not lately. As the season points sit right now, just over half way, I'm on the Roster, and I have no doubt about making the team (in both cars), but I'm not leading the boards as I did last season. With that said, I feel I've learned a lot this year, but still have more to go to get where I want to be. My son asked me a while back, "Dad, are you still having fun even though you're not leading?" I told him that "The day I quit having fun at the track, is the day I'll hang it up". Then I looked at him, smiled, and said "You know as well as I do that I'll be racing 'til I die. Heck, I just got started!". We both know that it's more enjoyable when you're winning all the time, but it's very important to me, for him to know, that you simply have to take the bad with the good. That's why they call it Racing and not Winning!

    As bad as we needed it, I hate that we lost a race to rain last night. There are only so many more left before Indy, and when you're not at the top (but trying to claw your way up), every one counts! Hopefully when Marcel comes down, he'll bring me some of the luck he brought with him last year, I know I sure could use some!

    ETA: No more flying hood scoops and intrusive wildlife!!!!
    If winning was easy, then the losers would be winners.
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    Been a season to remember so far. You'll finish on a high note.
    Always keep em smokin,,,,then let er drift!

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    I feel your pain!
    Especially with the limited number of races we run on the Sta-Bil Series, COming off a 7th place finish last season one bad coil and carb problems mixed with some bad driving by other drivers has left me in "I don't even wanna look" place this year. With only 1 qualifying race that I can make left and finals after...the season is not going to be near what I had hoped for!

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