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    Default Appropriate in the f/s thread - Sellers, don't scam! There's a price to pay.

    I'm okay with creating tribute vehicles, cloning or re-creating them, or whatever you want to call the finished product, so long as you don't try to pass it off as the real deal.

    Here's my note to sellers of those vehicles: You always took a chance of being charged criminally, but now you need to be concerned about a civil lawsuit for damages, as was the case recently in Australia.

    A 1969 Falcon XW GT (similar to the one pictured above), being represented as an all-matching numbers car, with some engine work done to it, was offered for sale for $143K. A potential buyer did his due diligence, checked the VIN, and found it to be correct. He and a professional body man checked for rust and other damage, and found none. He negotiated a purchase price of $90K (that alone should have been a clue). A couple years later, the car was again offered for sale, only to learn that it was NOT a true GT, but rather a standard XW. An X-ray examination of the firewall showed that the area around the VIN tag had been cut and welded back together. GT's are currently worth about $70K, and the standard is worth between $10-15K. The owner demanded the seller take it back, and refund his money.

    The seller refused, so the owner filed a civil suit for breach of contract, asking for the difference in value between what he paid for the car and its current value, along with his expenses in traveling to see the car (twice), and court costs. The total was $108K.
    The judge ruled that although it was unlikely the seller knew the car was cloned, it was still the seller's responsibility to be certain that it wasn't.

    The bottom line: The judge ordered the seller to buy back the Falcon for $108K. And in doing so, he's now stuck with his clone that's worth at most $15K!

    From now on, it's let the buyer AND the seller beware! And in defense of the many who have been ripped off buying cloned vehicles, it's about time!
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    There was a story last night on a General LEE car they were trying to verify if it was real or MEMOREX. Before it could be sold @ auction, as they wouldn't take a chance of letting it cross the stage.
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    That's pretty interesting - it's pretty tough on the guy getting sued if he himself bought it thinking it was an original. Ig uess he'd need to sue whomever he bought it from if the person's still around.

    Tough decision for the judge either way. The buyer brought his own expert to verify it and all checked out so the buyer (or his 'expert') should also share some of the blame...

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