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    Default GDRA Race 1 Presented by Cool Rides Online.Net

    Are you ready to for some hard core drag racing action? Well the GDRA has proven that its the place to race!!! That’s right… it’s time to go racing, GDRA style!!! 2012 is all set to kick off and to get the season started off the right way is the first race taking place at Great Lakes Dragaway on Saturday, May 19th.

    The GDRA over the winter has done it again… We have added a fourth class on a limited basis. The racers have been begging for it and now they got it, 9.50 index racers… get ready because it’s your turn to race with the GDRA for CASH payouts!!! Since the GDRA was formed back in 2010, racers have been asking the same thing, “When are you guys going to have a 9 second class?” Well that time is now as the GDRA will include the new 9.50 class in 5 of its 10 races limiting the field to the first 16 entries received. The 9.50 class will race strictly at Byron Dragway and Cordova Dragway during the 2012 season. All the same rules apply that have become common across the other 3 classes of racing but the Buy-In will be a reduced level of only $125.00 per race. We are super excited about this class and its sure to be a hit as drivers have swamped the PO Box with entry forms and racing information requests. The GDRA will also of course continue with its 8.60, 7.80, and the country’s only 6.90 index class as these classes have had great success and are only receiving more and more interest. All cars in any of the 4 classes the GDRA has to offers must pass tech and also have an oil retention device. All classes will be limited to a 32 car qualified field with the exception of the 9.50 class (as mentioned earlier), utilize a Pro-tree, and a Pro Qualifying ladder. All classes will remain 100% paid out in cash which will be 100% of the racers money paid in. That’s $4250 to the winner of each class based on a 32 car field payout!!! Detailed payout information can be found on our website and Facebook page.

    Over the winter months, the association has had lots of eyes on it and attracted the attention of a lot of people. One of which will be making his return to competitive drag racing this season with the GDRA. Bill Neri will bring his famous, Prosecutor Nova back to the 2 lane blacktop and compete in the GDRA’s 6.90 class when not match racing his Warren Johnson Pro Stock tribute Camaro across the country. We are very excited to see Bill back on the track in his beautiful Nova. Many of you may remember this car from its Pro Mod days back in the 90’s. Well it’s all ready to set out on another chapter of its life, racing with the GDRA. Bill has many years of experience on the track and is a very well known figure in door slammer racing. The level of competition in the 6.90 class just got higher and a little tougher for everyone as Bill will prove to be a tough customer during the entire season. We cannot wait to see this icon back behind the wheel of “The Prosecutor!!!”

    We would like to say thank you to the following for their support and belief in the GDRA. Our Official Marketing Partners: Powermaster Performance, ARP Racing Products,, Device Tech Inc, Hommer Tree Service, and Valvoline. Our Associate Marketing Partners: Undercover Innovations, Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers, Automotive Engine Specialties (AES), Harrison Metals, Glasstek Fiberglass, Automatic Transmission Designs (ATD), Midwest Convertors, D. Wells Goodyear, Unlimited Building Services (UBS), Angry Beaver Racing, Legend Racing Enterprises, Biltmore Refrigeration, Outlaw Graphic Designs, MW Marine, Jensen Equipment Company, United Milwaukee Scrap, Suburban Accents, and LedFoot News. In addition media (pictures, video, and website) will be provided by MC Photography, Ores Action Photography, ARS Promotions, 10″ Wide Video, and Servic Network.

    Head over to our Gamblers Drag Racing Association fan page on Facebook and be sure to “like” us on to keep up to date with all the happenings and race dates. We look forward to getting back to some good ole fashion drag racing after a long winter and hopefully make a lot of new friends. Come on out to the track and start the year off right and get ready for some bad fast door slammer action for stacks and stacks of cold hard cash. The Gamblers Drag Racing Association… The Original All Cash Payout Association!!!
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    Can't wait. It's time to kick the tires and light the fires for the start of the 2012 racing season! Hell yeah!

    More information can be found here: or on Facebook.
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    Follow us on Facebook as well!!!

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