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    Default 6 Best Post-Race Beers

    I've mentioned before that I enjoy running marathons and I get newsletters... this one i really liked

    6 Best Post-Race Beers

    Do you enjoy the refreshing taste of a nice, cold post-race brew? If so, you are among company. Runners of all kinds gravitate in droves toward the frothy stuff, after a big race or to celebrate the day’s long run. Some races even serve beer at the finish line. Perfect motivation to run a little faster, if you ask me.Aside from being the nectar of the gods (the ancient Egyptian ones, that is), some studies point to beer as a good post-run drink choice. According to a study published at Granada University in 2007, a pint of the good stuff can rehydrate you as quickly as the same amount of water. Not to mention beer contains salts, sugars and carbohydrates that can replace nutrients and calories lost during your run. This is all in addition to beer’s amazing thirst-quenching abilities.
    More: Does Beer Affect Your Training?

    If you’re like me, just about any beer will do after a big race. But for the connoisseur of inventive branding, the following beers might be right up your alley.1. Marathon Lager by Athenian Brewery

    A Greek beer, aptly named after the traditional Greek race. Owned by Heineken, Marathon Lager is on the lighter side and thus will taste pretty refreshing after your next 26.2.
    More: What to Eat for Peak Marathon Performance
    2. Victory Lager by Victory Brewing Co.

    Did you beat your PR? Win first place in your age group? Win the whole darn race? This is the beer to take with you on your victory lap. Wear your medal proudly while you enjoy this light, easy-to-drink lager.
    3. The Bitter End Pale Ale by Two Brothers Brewing Co.

    Something to celebrate the bitter end to your toughest race of the season. Raise a glass of this crisp, medium-bodied ale, and toast that the damned race is finally over.
    More: 5 Healthier Options for Your Favorite Drinks
    4. Hoppy Feet by Clown Shoes Brewery

    The label calls it a Black IPA, and the reviews claim it’s a dark-colored brew with some deep, dry flavors. I chose this one because the title sounds like a clever moniker for the barefoot runner’s favorite footwear.
    5. Tracktown 200 Meter Ale by Eugene City Brewery

    Titled after its Oregon city nickname, this IPA is described as sweet and fresh tasting. Unlike how you will probably smell while drinking this after some 200-meter sprints.
    More: Are You Eating Enough Carbs?
    6. 26.2 Boston Marathon Brew by Samuel Adams

    Running the next Boston Marathon? Sam Adams has brewed this small batch low-alcohol lager in its namesake. Only 45 Boston-area establishments are getting it this year, so it’s just about as rare as earning a bib for the Boston Marathon itself.
    More: 8 Last-Minute Nutrition Tips for the Boston Marathon
    Here’s to enjoying a frosty pint after your race. As always, drink responsibly and live to race again

    You Will Respect My Authoritah!!

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    LMAO, only heard of the Sam Adams. Still doesn't trump my OL buddy MR MILLERS GD.
    Always keep em smokin,,,,then let er drift!

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