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    Default GDRA Race #6 August 20th, 2011 --- 8.60, 7.80, and 6.90 classes!!!

    GDRA Race# 6 Presented by Victory Driveline Components and Angry Beaver Racing

    Race # 5 presented by Victory Driveline Components and Angry Beaver Racing we'll be at the Nitrous Street Car Brawl at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, WI once again and well have 3 classes of fast side by side drag racing action rolling your way. Things are kicking in the 6.90 and 7.80 classes but the only thing missing is you in the lanes with the rest of the drivers. We have spots for you and would love to see some more new faces taking their shot at the winning the largest all cash payout in the Midwest. Our 8.60 class has had the largest fields in GDRA history but we are always welcoming new faces there as well. In all three classes, 32 car qualified fields run on a Pro Qualifying ladder using a .400 Heads up Pro-Tree. 100% all cash payouts totaling up to $4250 to win in each class based on that 32 car field!!! That’s HUGE no matter how you stack it.

    What makes this all possible? The support of all our great Marketing Partners... Companies like Powermaster Performance, Zimmerman Ford, ARP Racing Products, Device Tech Inc, Undercover Innovations, United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers, VFN Fiberglass, Victory Driveline Components,, Lawson Products, Automatic Transmission Design, Inc., Harrison Metals, UBS Construction, Angry Beaver Racing, Biltmore Refrigeration, Outlaw Graphic Designs, Suburban Accents, and Gearhead News stand behind one of the greatest racing programs anywhere. Additional media will be provided by MC Photography and Ores Action Photography as well as 10 Wide Racing and ARS Promotions. Be sure to look for articles as found in Gearhead News magazine as well.

    Head over to the website to download you entry forms if you think you have what it takes to race with the GDRA. Just a reminder that there are only 3 races left prior to the last race of the season. Remember, you must compete in 5 events to be eligible for the season ending “All-in Showdown,” our largest payout race of the season in October. While your checking out our site, be sure to grab your official GDRA appeal for the 2011 racing season. Check us out on Facebook and make sure you click the "Like" tab to keep up to date with all the happenings, news, and race dates. Come on out and race with us or just head out to see wicked style drag racing action with the best show in the Midwest and you’ll agree, there’s nothing like the high octane action that the Gamblers provide while trying to feed on bushels of cabbage!!! You want to see the fastest side by side heads up index racing in the country, don’t miss the next GDRA event!!!
    Gamblers Drag Racing Association
    Director of Media / Public Relations

    Follow us on Facebook as well!!!

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    LOL Gonna B stuck in traffic on the Dream Cruise. The only thing happenin under 10sec is my wife B'in bout how hot it is. LOL or NOT! Sometimes ya JUSTA gotta slow down N enjoy your car N spectators yellin their approval!!!
    Always keep em smokin,,,,then let er drift!

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    Really looking forward to making it out to one of your events! You'd figure with it being so close to home I'd find a weekend to get there but I'll be at Woodward as well

    You Will Respect My Authoritah!!

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