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Here are some suggestions for making the Swap Meet forum easier to navigate for all of us:

  1. Please state the year and type of Ride in the title
  2. Please list the Price on the Title as well
  3. Please list what state you are in
  4. Please put WTS (sell) or WTB (buy) in the title
  5. In the posting, the more information you can list the better.
  6. Please post a picture of the Ride. To post a picture:
    1. Upload it to your Album (see your profile or "My Garage") and copy the URL address of the image
    2. Then use the "Upload Image" button and insert the URL of the image
    3. OR - Use the Attachment to upload the image as an attachment from your PC.

Here is an example of a Title for selling a Chevelle
"WTS 1972 Chevelle SS in IL. Asking $30k OBO" ~ Then include full details and pictures in your posting.

Cool Rides Online® does not assume any responsibility for transactions conducted on the forum, and therefore will not act the role of mediator, negotiator, or enforcer of any sale.

These are private transactions, and our role is that of a facilitator to help members sell and buy items from one another by providing a space where your items can be posted.
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