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  1. yea i was looking...aint got 10 grand for one of i got n stepside,,one of my favs
  2. I did see that you have a new truck. I've owned four S-15 Jimmys or S-10 Blazers over the years. I love that platform. I wish you could have found a decent GMC Syclone! That would haul the mail.
  3. on what...idk if u seen i got an truck now...having few issue with it.nothing magor yet...just daily driven it so far.damn gas
  4. Just got back from Chicago with the rest of the CRO Champs.

    I have my convertible torn apart. I need to replace the hydraulic rams and lines on it. After 45 years the lines broke. I guess nothing is made to last these days.
  5. whutcha dewin good
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