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  1. Yes, that'll require a little growth, which is good for him.
  2. Yes, he is SLOWLY maturing into a fine young man. I am hoping college will get through to him certain thing that frustrate me, like setting his alarm clock and then getting up when it goes off. Otherwise he is a very good kid.

    I am not sure how well my wife will handle the empty nest, even if he's home on weekends. I am not sure which one of them suffers from only child syndrome worse, her or him. College is about 90 minutes away from home.
  3. Glad you are having fun with your family, that comes first. Glad your son is taking those positive steps.
  4. I've been busy. I'm in Bowling Green Ohio this weekend for our last long distance travel baseball tournament for Jacob. Last weekend was Jacob's high school graduation open house party and 18th birthday. We've been preparing for that event all year-cleaning and remodeling.

    In two weeks we take our last family vacation to Hilton Head Island SC before Jacob leaves for college on August 18th. The next day is the Woodward Dream Cruise. College football season starts two weeks after that and summer is essentially over. I've barely had Lucy out at all because of baseball and open house prep. Next year will be different though.
  5. Hope you and Lucy are having fun this summer.
  6. The plane was 20 minutes late into Chicago and we were the last to get on in Denver. Your extra day sounds cool.
  7. Hi Frosty, it was a pleasure meeting you in Chicago.
  8. Happy birthday Frosty, hope it's your best one ever with your family and friends.
  9. Hi Frosty, I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.
  10. Hi Frosty, I hope you and your family will have a great Thanksgiving. Have fun and please be safe.
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