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  1. Did you get to have Fathers day with your Family. ? hope so.
  2. On June 9th i went to a local car show and my Galaxie 500 XL won Best Ford in the Show The kids voted for my Red Car they loved it.
  3. Hope that you and yours enjoy the weekend and have a very Safe Easter.
  4. Hey Frosty you won't melt in Moose Jaw Today it is -22 F right now and going to -30 F to night.
  5. Hey Frosty Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in 2017.
  6. You are a Lucky guy Frosty getting to go to the Woodard Dream Cruze i would love to go to that with my son Kenneth some day. I want to wish you and yours a very Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
  7. Hey Frosty be very careful on the roads this weekend there will be a ton more traffic and some will be TEXTING etc.
  8. Not yet - I've had the car out only once this spring for a fellow car club member's funeral at the end of March. Between the kid's baseball (JV) schedule and the weather, it has not been too much time or weather to get it out. I am hoping May is better.
  9. Hey Frosty stay in the shade it's warm and FRIDAY the 13th.
  10. Will do Francis - have a safe Holiday Season to you and yours as well.
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