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  1. What is the DATE of the Cruze.
  2. Hey Francis. Yes I did attend the Woodward Dream Cruise. JUSTA6 and I go every year. We sit with my car club to get cheap parking.
  3. Hey Frosty are you going to go to the WOODWARD DREAM CRUZE.???
  4. Hope not too hot in MI.enjoy the 4th of July WEEKEND with your family and friends.
  5. We need some rain just 40 miles south of my place my son inlaw just planned 13000 acres + and half are in lentils very dry at his place and for miles around.
  6. Hope where you are you are not getting Flooded out heard there is a ton of rain in some areas of MI.
  7. Hi Francis,

    Fathers Day let me work on Lucy, some much needed work on the convertible lift mechanisms. It took me another six hours to put the entire interior back together.

    congrats on the car show win. So how big is the trophy? Bigger than the kids, I hope?
  8. Did you get to have Fathers day with your Family. ? hope so.
  9. On June 9th i went to a local car show and my Galaxie 500 XL won Best Ford in the Show The kids voted for my Red Car they loved it.
  10. Hope that you and yours enjoy the weekend and have a very Safe Easter.
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