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  1. not yet,d back off,,i gotta order n flip plate,cut some bumper out and trim some of the bracker to clear n bolt,its off an s10 but he who did it.ran no i need to make it work on my
  2. You have the the hitch on, that's cool.
  3. only 6 more to
  4. The lights are looking good. Great job.
  5. should of been more
  6. Nice purchase.
  7. naw...8 hours yesterday to get all that done.never have i worked on getting tuneup done that long..holy smurfin hell
  8. That's progress. Looking good.
  9. Very good.
  10. the plugs are same as i used in cavy.ngk...i like them..but wanted to go diff brand wires,,so went accel
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