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  1. The only reason I said something was that was Chris's post not mine.
  2. Ok Sorry
  3. Hi Francis, that should not be posted on my profile. That should be posted in the forum under general maintenance.
  4. Another type of car care kit may include extra fluids oil etc a few light bulbs for signals and brakes etc. but if always around town you just go to your parts store. Nylon ties of many sizes, and a Multi tool can be of help and a Fire extinguisher Even a jug of Water.
  5. The car care kit needs glass cleaner, polish or spray wax, wheel cleaner and polish ,detail spray for inside the car and lots of micro fiber rags . And paper towels, and a California Duster , and some tire spray to make them shine or what ever you like some like the matt look. Some people like a Good Chrome cleaner and polish. Todays TIP never use very old products they make it a bear to get them off and can even discolor the paint. ETC.
  6. Thank You i hope so too.
  7. Happy birthday Francis, hope it's the best one ever with your family and friends.
  8. Thanks Francis, you have a great Canadian day. Please be safe.
  9. Hope that you and yours will have a Safe and Happy 4th of July WEEKEND take great care with fireworks etc. , Today is Canada's 150 th Birthday ya who.
  10. Thanks Francis, I read that would work, before I made that change.
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