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  1. Thanks Francis, I read that would work, before I made that change.
  2. 45 t0 50 plug gap should be ok.
  3. I'm using AC-Delco plugs. The distributor is a Skip White with a 55,000 volt coil.
  4. Also what kind of plugs are you using ?? Even when we ran the race car with Accell Super Coil on the top of an HEI distributor we gaped them at 45.
  5. from 35 to 50 is a lot i have Pertronics distributor and they told me to gap the plugs at 42 with the Flame Thrower Coil i have that can make as much as 40000 volts. What set up do you have .
  6. Thank You hope it fixes it with springs that is a cheap fix.
  7. Congratulations on your Galaxie winning the best Ford of the show. The engine runs great with no vacuum advance. I am looking into changing the springs in the Dizzy.
  8. Did you ever get your car engine work right ? I went to a car show on Friday and Got Best Ford in the Show the kids that voted for me loved my RED car.
  9. Thanks Francis. We had seen ours last week. We had a blast with them. My son and his wife left us in charge for a week. The three kids were loud and full of energy.
  10. Sorry to hear that your grand kids so far away Easter hear with all five running and screaming was very loud, and not muck fun 4 of the five were way to full of candy not from me or my wife, it was cool hear and me and my son inlaw were making the kids a play house and lots more we never had stuff like this when was a kid back in 50's and 60's.
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