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  1. OK that will help
  2. I for got to mention it has a 2000 torque converter.
  3. Thank you. This is a street machine. I'll set up the vacuum gauge.
  4. OK--is this a race car or daily driver---had this cam in a 350 with auto and was a bit of a pain to set---you may not like this in my opinion it is not really a street cam--needs use of stall convertor. in setting timing you could use a vacuum gauge hooked to manifold vacuum and turn the distributor to get highest manifold vacuum and then back off just a hair---see how it starts and runs--no starter drag or spark knock then trying a little bit more advance--little trial and error but sometimes the only way to go---once set hook distributor vacuum advance to manifold vacuum port and set idle---i run a 283 with good size cam but with a 4speed to idle is not a problem--and I do run around 20 degrees initial timing but always playing with it--also have 10.5 compression in my motor---hope this helps--sounds like you have it close
  5. That's great to help family. Family comes first. I appreciate your help. The engine is a 1973, 350 ci with a Comp Cam 12-212 Magnum cam. 8.5 compression pistons. I am using a Skip White HEI dizzy and Holley Street Avenger carb.I'm using OTC Digital timing light.
  6. Hi reborn55, what have you been doing with your cool rides this year.
  7. Hi reborn55, I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.
  8. Hi reborn55, I hope you and your family will have a great Thanksgiving. Have fun and please be safe.
  9. Thank you for being a friend. Hope you are having fun with your rides and Family.
  10. Good luck on the sale of it.
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