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  1. Hi Rocketman312, congratulations on your 32 Chevy being selected for the July Ride of Month contest. Best of luck with it.
  2. Just two shows but didn't want to judged because I was leaving early.
  3. Great. Have you taken that sweet Chevy to any shows this year?
  4. Yes able to find the entry form Thanks
  5. Where you able to find the entry form?
  6. Hi Rocketman312, you go to June ride of month. At the end of the first paragraph there is a link (entry form) . Fill it out. Hope that helps.
  7. How would I enter my car in ride of the month?
  8. Hi Rocketman312, have you considered putting your 32 Chevy in the ride of the month contest?
  9. Thanks for being a member and a friend. Hope you have fun here and with your sweet 32 Chevy.
  10. Hi Rocketman312, welcome to CRO from Idaho. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your 32 Chevy. Jump in, introduce yourself, participate, and have fun.
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