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  1. how u wreck 3 times in 1 day
  2. Right here, where R U? Tough couple of weeks after daughters BF wrecked her car 3 times in one day. Fighting with INS company to fix it instead of totaling. Got it back on the road yesterday, but needs to in for bodywork the end of Aug.
  3. where u at
  4. yea right.noone brought me anything.ate my food though
  5. Happy Birthday LIL bro. Hope ya got lots of car/truck parts!!!!
  6. but thats my b-day,,,u didnt wanna party with me,.,,,i thought we
  7. Was getting caught up with work on the cabin. Playin with my boat. Enjoyin the family as we all get together up there for the 4th and tons of stuff to do in town. Missed the Vball tournie again this year.
  8. no gto fun foo or sunbird fun
  9. Thinkin this might be the worse sunburn...EVER. Had fun with with the boat.
  10. hey hey foo whats good
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