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  1. Made the All Pontiac show last weekend with the GTO. Had to run the CRO tent so my car wasn't parked with the rest of my class. Still had fun on a beautiful day. My daughter and her G6 took 3rd in her class.
  2. Hope you are having fun in 2017 being to any car shows etc yet? I was to a Car Show on Friday last week and won Best Ford in SHOW the kids that voted for me loved my RED CAR.
  3. No shows, have other plans with the family. Looks like it involves the boats. Wishing you N yours a safe N happy holiday.
  4. Are you going to any car shows on or near the May long weekend ? If so where?
  5. You do the same bro.
  6. Have a VERY HAPPY and SAFE Easter weekend with family and friends.
  7. Yea, our roads are a mess too.
  8. It seems like there is a million pot holes in Moose Jaw and some are very big.
  9. Spring is hear saw my first Robin today in our yard won't be long i can take my ride out.
  10. Right back to you N yours as well for a safe N happy holiday season.
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