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  1. Some day i hope we can come it is big hear we watch it on tv for years .
  2. There are shows N cruise nights all over every night on Woodward ramping up to the official start on Friday AM. The actual show is Saturday. 2 years ago they started racing at the old Silverdome. Richard and crew from Gas Monkee garage had the feature race of the day. Last year they closed a section of Woodward for Street Racing. Went over so well they are doing it again this year. This IS automotive heaven. Hope it's on you bucket list. Would be happy to forward great Hotel info when you plan on being here.
  3. Wish me and my son could be there too bet super fun time is it more than one day ?
  4. Good Luck hope you will win a Jacket. i will look for you on TV.
  5. Thank you. It's the don't miss automotive happening of the summer. Sunbird will make it out of the garage for the 1st time in 2 years today so I can start cleaning/polishing. Ins and plates squared away yesterday. Wife and daughters will be driving the GTO. Was a finalist for Best paint in the carshow last time the Bird made it down there. Maybe this year will finally be my time to win one of the coveted JACKETS the city of Pontiac gives out instead of trophy's. But there are thousands of cars up for awards so I don't get too excited about my chances to win.
  6. Hope you can make it to the WOODWARD Dream Cruze i will see it on TV so i will look for your rides.
  7. I did not get fried i Stay COOL do my work in Morning and keep out of the heat if i can.
  8. HOT.....Major Sunburn from all day on the boats. Hope your not as fried.
  9. Hope it is a Cool 4 th of July for you and yours enjoy but be careful with fireworks.
  10. Made the All Pontiac show last weekend with the GTO. Had to run the CRO tent so my car wasn't parked with the rest of my class. Still had fun on a beautiful day. My daughter and her G6 took 3rd in her class.
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