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Here is a collection of photos of celebrities that I have met. Some are with myself or my PT Cruiser.
  1. The Philadelphia Soul Soccer Team Cheerleaders and Mascot
  2. Courtney Hansen & Me at the BHCU Show
  3. Will & the Bruzen Cruzer at the BHCU Show
  4. Will Castro & Me at the Boeing Helicopter Credit Union Car Show
  5. Batmobile SEMA
  6. Oscar Meyer Wienermobile
  7. Kenny Youngblood, Drag Racing Artist and Tom Kelly, of Kelly & Son, Crazy Painters, at SEMA
  8. John Schneider, Motor Mania 2012
  9. Kia "Soul" Mates
  10. Batman, the "Dark Knight"
  11. Linda Vaughn, ""Miss Hurst Golden Shifter"
  12. Lou Santiago and Jared Zimmerman from "Car Fix", at SEMA 2014
  13. Chip Foose, SEMA 2014
  14. General Douglas McArthur (not the real one)
  15. Lou Ferrigno, "The Incredible Hulk"
  16. Courtney Hansen at SEMA
  17. Tom Wopat and the "General Lee", Chrysler Carlisle 2015
  18. Christie Brimberry, of "Gas Monkey Garage", Cruisin' OC 2015
  19. Tom Wopat, "Luke Duke" of "The Dukes of Hazzard" at Cruisin OC 2015
  20. Paul Michael Glaser, of "Starsky & Hutch", Endless Summer
  21. Ronald McDonald
  22. John Schneider, "Bo Duke" of "Dukes of Hazzard" at Motor Mania 2012
  23. Chip Foose, "Overhaulin'" SEMA 2011
  24. Steve Darnell, Genius behind "Welder Up" at Endless Summer
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