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10th Annual Century 21 Spring Cruise-In

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13 May 2017, Century 21 Lemac Realty, the Classic Chevy Club of North Arkansas, and First Security Bank held their 10th annual cruise-in. This year the event was to benefit the Twin Lakes area Food Bank here in North-Central Arkansas. While there was no entry fee, there was a requested $5 donation per car (of which about 20 of the 120-130 cars present donated more) and the 50/50 drawing was split between the food bank and a lucky ticket buyer. There was also a donation bucket collected for the Special Response Team of the Mountain Home Police Department and Baxter County Sheriff's Office to go towards the fund for them to purchase 10 sets of body armor for the members of the team for when they are performing felony warrant searches and other high-risk emergencies. That donation ended up being between $150 and $200 and the total going to the food bank was a little over $800.
  1. DSCN5142
  2. DSCN5151
  3. A Canadian-built Mercury Meteor, the Mercury version of the Ford Crown Victoria.
  4. DSCN5153
  5. DSCN5154
  6. DSCN5155
  7. DSCN5156
  8. DSCN5157
  9. DSCN5158
  10. DSCN5159
  11. DSCN5160
  12. DSCN5161
  13. DSCN5162
  14. DSCN5163
  15. DSCN5171
  16. A purple SSR, that is different.
  17. Started it's life as just a Coyote-powered 5.0...
  18. ...then George added some go-fast goodies from Roush.
  19. Don't see many Malibus of this body style around here anymore.
  20. Caption
  21. "I tawt I taw a puddy tat!"
  22. DSCN5196
  23. DSCN5197
  24. Not a real Cobra, just a kit, but it does have a very nice sounding 500+hp motor.
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