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dew truck

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  1. had to get a lil dew green on front
  2. didnt except flip plate till like fri-sat 
but got it in todew 
got it i can use hitch
  3. works good paid 17 for it
  4. love when people look at the wheels,,,there like,,they cant be
  5. got around to finishing them up
  6. lil bigger then i excepted 
might need to make n panel under radio 
  7. my luck 
no wonder the truck i got it from didnt run an bumper 
but i have a few ideas how to fix it
  8. inside view 
almost like the hid's in the cavy
  9. outside view at night
  10. making sure they working
  11. had to put an inch spacer behind cause of how bumper curves
  12. fanially mounted up
  13. few things i got while up summit
  14. 2 of 8 fog lights 
license plate/fog light mount for front
  15. accel stuff
  16. 8 hours to install plugs.distubor,rotor,coil pack,and make universal wires that wasnt fit to my.yup$190 dolla
  17. 155 dolla at summit 
40 at auto zone 
now to get it all in
  18. first upgrade really 
not the one i wanted but for price 
it was already on an s10.i have to tweak it for my though 
but should work out for small...
  19. the spare rim i got other day 
just trying some things out with it 
the gray is black 
did the chevy emblem in red not gold 
and did an red lip
  20. cargo net from 93 sonoma
  21. cant complain about the license plate light
  22. gotta have cheap ins
  23. bug gaurd 5 dolla 
painted grill black 
cause pitch black mtn dew
  24. all the new parts dude gave me with it also
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