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reviving my ride starting 2004

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This project is my first and a father/ son in reverse. My son rebuilt the 350 engine with a comp magnum cam. I put in roller rockers. I replaced the 350 tranny with a 200r4. It had some body damage that I have been working on. I am also in process of replacing the interior. Hope that is completed and hope to get it to paint this fall. The plan is to paint with JD blitz black. Since this is my first project I am doing 95% of the work my self. If I don't get my hands dirty I won't learn anything.
  1. DSC 0657[1]
  2. Heat shield attached to interior cab roof [3]
  3. Cab roof painted with encapsulator [2]
  4. Cab roof before sanding surface rust[1]
  5. New head liner after dye with SEM[1]
  6. New headliner [1]
  7. Tail gate dent removal[1]
  8. More tail gate dent removal[1]
  9. More tail gate repair[1]
  10. DSC 0421[1]
  11. DSC 0420[1]
  12. DSC 0401[1]
  13. DSC 0400[1]
  14. DSC 0399[1]
  15. Right side pictured 10/2014[1]
  16. Left side pictured 10/2014[1]
  17. DSC 0394[1]
  18. DSC 0393[1]
  19. I painted a replacement radiator cross support[1]
  20. Old radiator cross support[1]
  21. Recovered seats[1]
  22. 016[1]
  23. Body work left rear[1]
  24. Pictured 9/2004[1]
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