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Tungsten Metallic '13 Avenger R/T out in nature

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Took the R/T out over the weekend to see how it looked in nature, and how well it would reflect its surroundings after the 3 coats of polish, etc used cleaning it up since purchasing it. Came out pretty well, and polishing is done, at least until the winter is over and is warm enough to give it a good going over with a claybar and some polishing compound since the previous owner never worried about more than the mechanical features.
  1. DSCN4244 (1280x960)
  2. DSCN4245 (1280x960)
  3. DSCN4247 (1280x960)
  4. DSCN4249 (1280x960)
  5. DSCN4250 (1280x960)
  6. DSCN4251 (1280x960)
  7. DSCN4252 (1280x960)
  8. DSCN4253 (1280x960)
  9. DSCN4254 (1280x960)
  10. DSCN4255 (1280x960)
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  12. DSCN4262 (1280x960)
  13. DSCN4264 (1280x960)
  14. DSCN4266 (1280x960)
  15. DSCN4268 (1280x960)
  16. DSCN4270 (1280x960)
  17. DSCN4271 (1280x960)
  18. DSCN4273 (1280x960)
  19. DSCN4274 (1280x960)
  20. DSCN4276 (1280x960)
  21. DSCN4277 (1280x960)
  22. DSCN4281 (1280x960)
  23. DSCN4284 (1280x960)
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