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My Long Abandoned Little Cobra Project

I originally started this Cobra project about 10 or so years ago and then life and other things got in the way and I tucked it away in my work warehouse. Well my warehouse flooded back in August and I had to clear everything out to rebuild it ... and finally brought my little Cobra home.
About a decade ago I designed and built the frame from scratch. The body is the only "purchased" part of the car and it took about 300 or so manhours to get it right
( shoulda bought a different body ) but it's much better now. I built a 427 FE aluminum head roller cam motor for it. I originally set it up with a top loader 4 speed but think I will change that to a newer Tremec 5 speed instead. It's got a 9" ford rear set up with a self built triangulated four bar suspension and will come to a halt with 4 wheel Wilwood brakes. The wheels are 17" P&S Engineering replica halibrands with 315 tires on the rear and 275 on front. Now that it's finally home I'm getting excited to get back on it BUT I want to get my 34 Vicky built FIRST and THEN get back on the Cobra.
Projects, projects, projects ... I can't help it ... I LOVE BUILDING STUFF and thankfully have a very patient wife !!!
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