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interior lite up

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  2. IMG 1427
  3. IMG 1426
  4. IMG 1424
  5. IMG 1423
  6. IMG 1422
  7. indicator lights not wired up yet,wanted to get them in for now though
  8. usb ports at night
  9. getting a lil more modern i guess
  10. got my usb ports in today 
all i gotta dew yet is wire them in
  11. looks better
  12. fanially changed the fog/dimmer switch cover out.cause i messed up on last one when i out it back on.looks awhole lot more glare
  13. switch panel i am working on.which gonna be light up also
  14. need the rest to be blue now
  15. the mod
  16. notice anything different about my shifter panel plate now
  17. view from outside
  18. fod/dimmer switch light up inside car
  19. led's silcone in....
  20. fog.dimmer switch..5 5mm blue led's...lights up good now
  21. under light showing though
  22. drilled it put so once theres an light behind switch.will light up
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