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1980 Pontiac Sunbird

Original owner

29000 mi

4:71 Blown V-6, steel crank, peened 4.1 turbo rods, 8:1 forged pistons, Kenne Bell valvetrain/cam, Modified Weiand intake, Holley 600, Mallory Ign. 16lbs max boost

4 spd Muncie, 3:08 posi rearend

single timeslip..12.3 1/4 @ 111mph. That was on street tires N 13 in rims N 3:73 gear. Have since changed rear gears to 3:08 and built the 14 rims for the back. Much more top end in each gear.

Adjustable suspension front/rear,Urethane Bushings
Fabricated my own rims using 13 front 14 rear Pontiac Ralleys, made my own centers N had em welded in. Directional rims all face front. Backing plates N Crager knockoffs finish the look

Front/Rear spoilers N side skirts N 1 way mirror head/taillight covers are hand fab'ed. As well as the hydraulicly operated hood with clear insert. Can be raised pullin into the cruise nite N still see to get to your parkin spot.

Paint- House of Kolors

Matching Trailer...SUN ova BIRD
Also have matching pedalcar my daughters won trophys with in special interest
  2. Picture 580
  3. Picture 579
  4. Picture 573
  5. Picture 551
  6. Picture 523
  7. Picture 564
  8. WOW COOLRIDES! Me N Tim representin
  9. Pontiac N I build excitement. Bringin Sta-bil N 104 along for the ride!
  10. Bobby, Me, Marcel.  Marcel was sittin on the monster tractor tire...LOL
  11. Wife N daughter hangin out @ the RIG.
  12. One awesome display!
  13. My only cruisin on Woodward. On the way there on a beautiful mornin
  14. Justa 6 N showing the custom lift arms for the hydraulic hood
  15. All mods are hand fab'ed, including the rims! Front/Rear spoilers, 1 way mirror, headlight/taillight covers, sideskirts, Hood.  
Suspension is...
  16. Birds gotta have wings to fly.
  17. SUN ova BIRD.....Trailer is used for haulin canopy, cooler, chairs N show props. Nice attention getter. Has TV (now useless, THANKZ digital!), Stereo...
  18. 4 point Rollbar, carpet etchings.
  19. House of Kolors. Made for indoor shows with lighting. White has silver radience and silver pearl layers. Candy burgundy has hidden Candy apple red...
  20. Touring seats, Autometer gauges (inside and out) Fab'ed console, aircraft toggle cluster, Grant steering wheel, The original AM/FM 8track still...
  21. "Justa 6"
  22. 231 V6!!  Aluminum engine compartment with lights, oil, amp gauges. Hood has clear insert, works hydraulicly from inside car. Electric realise....
  23. Crusin WOODWARD...2010.  Havin a blast with family. MANY miles O smiles with this ride.    Please keep hands N feet inside the ride @ ALL TIMES.  YEA...
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