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Justa 6 too

21ft Teka, 231 marine V6, Cobra outdrive, speed prop, bowrider. RRRrrr Captain Ozzie. GOOD TIMES!!!
Replaced Justa6 too with a Sea Ray 15ft Jet Boat. 90hp EXTREMELY manuverable. 40mph and you can pull a 180 and heading the other direction before you can blink. Pulls skier or tube. Perfect LIL boat for all my needs. Momma's Barbie boat will be painted to match the Sunbird when I get some time.
  1. Picture 518
  2. Picture 520
  3. Picture 523
  4. Picture 519
  5. Get er WET
  6. SLOW DOWN...So I can look for fish!
  7. Is that Leo D..... Naw,too short N that boat sank.
  8. My Cocker Spaniel is not happy he was told to stay on Board.
  9. Justa Ford 6 pullin Justa 6 too
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